About Me

Hi there!

My name is Muhammad Afif Sallatu, but in daily you can call me Afif. I was born in Ujung Pandang (which is known as Makassar nowadays) on March 22th, 1989. I’m the youngest child of beloved parents Abdul Madjid Sallatu and Hamsinah Yasin. I have only one oldest sister Ima Aisyah Sallatu (Ima) and three older brothers Muhammad Ashry Sallatu (Gego), Muhammad Ambar Sallatu (Memed), and Muhammad Arief Sallatu (Mamad). My first formal education was at Nurul Falah Kindergarten in 1994, and then I continue to Mangkura III State Primary School in 1995. After six years, I go to State Secondary School VI and Kartika Chandra WRB-I High School for the next seven years. My bachelor degree in Management was obtained in 2012 from Department of Management, Faculty of Economy of Hasanuddin University in Makassar, with majoring in Marketing.

My professional work started when I was still as an undergraduate student, which was appointed to be a research assistant in Research and Development Center for Management and Policy of Hasanuddin University (P3KM-UH) in 2012 until 2013. In January 2014, I married Diah Astrini Amir in Makassar, both of us then decided to immediately continue our studies to the master’s level. Five months later (June, 2014) we were accepted at Master of Science Program in Management of Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (MD FEB UGM), Yogyakarta. I took Strategic Management as my major and Diah took Human Resource Management. We got our Master of Science degree in Strategic Management and Human Resource Management in 2017.

A week after our master’s degree graduation (July, 2017), I was invited from my former supervisor Professor Nurul Indarti to be academic assistant on MD FEB UGM, whose at the moment also act as the director for Master of Science and Doctorate Program in Management of FEB UGM. As an academic assistant, I assigned to handle any task related to academic, research, and partnership, while also be ready to any other assignment directly from the directors of MD FEB UGM.

Moreover, since 2017, I also taking position as the director of Local Governance (LOGOV) Celebes, a private research and consulting institution that based in Makassar. However, me and my wife for the time being are live in Yogyakarta, even though in many times I travelled back to Makassar to directly handling some strategic project of LOGOV Celebes, or any other organizational acitivity, as I also affiliated in several organizations that branched in Makassar. But still, we love Yogyakarta as our second hometown, we learn so much and got many friends, family, and networks here. In fact, we hope to have the opportunity to live and settle in Yogyakarta.

Nowadays, I lived in Taipei (Taiwan) since March 2021, as I continue my study to Ph.D level in National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei, Taiwan. I was accepted as a Ph.D student here on 2020, specifically in Department of Business Administration, College of Commerce. Hopefully I can finish my study as soon as possible but of course with optimum quality in both academic and research, not limited also to the international exposure of this combined Mandarin and Western academic culture and environment.

Actually, I have some short video about my personal introduction below, you can simply watch them to know the general information of me, or maybe you can go check my qualifications if you interested to know more. Thanks!

Short indroduction video of me